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Women in Social Sciences Academy

The Women in Social Sciences Academy provides a rigorous program for students whose interests lie in the Social Sciences. Students will complete challenging Social Science coursework and participate in various experiential learning opportunities as they explore career paths within the Social Sciences. This Academy creates a cohort of students on similar career paths so that they can create meaningful contacts that will be an asset to them after they have graduated from Mount Mercy. Students earn one of several distinctions at graduation. These distinctions include Women in Law, Women in History, Women in Government, Women in Social Work, Women in Psychology, and Women in Criminal Justice.


Students have networked with professionals who have come to Mount Mercy to speak about their experiences at MMA, college paths, and career paths connected to the social sciences.

Guest speakers have included:

  • Elizabeth Kim - Senior: Ocean Policy Advisor for the office of ocean and polar affairs.

  • Maureen McOwen - Child Life specialist for Kaleida Health

  • Karen Godsoe - Law in the field of Child Advocacy

  • Emily Burns - Political Science and Communications

  • Amelia Greenan - Chief of Staff for West Seneca Mayor

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Field Trips

In the past, the Women in Social Sciences Academy has been known to take tours of Forest Lawn, The Buffalo History Museum, and the Darwin Martin House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.


Most recently, students visited the Teddy Roosevelt Inaugural Site and the Niagara Falls Underground Railroad Museum.

Electives and Extracurriculars

We offer many electives including new courses on the Holocaust and Women’s Rights/Civil Rights.


Advanced Placement courses include AP US World History and Advanced Placement Government.


We also offer unique experiences connected to Mock Trial and Speech and Debate.

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