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Business Academy

The Mount Mercy Business and Finance Academy gives Mount Mercy students the tools to make financial decisions and learn how to navigate the business world. In the 2021-2022 academic year, the students in the Business Academy showed their dedication and creativity with the official opening of a women-owned and student-run café called the Magic Market. Students in the Academy work at the on-campus store every morning during homeroom and select sporting events. The Business and Finance Academy seeks to empower students to pursue entrepreneurship.



The Business and Finance Academy at Mount Mercy provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to find success in the business field. Students are inspired to learn the basics of entrepreneurship, like how to create and analyze a business plan, cover letter, and resume.

Students used these skills to open the Magic Market and Wizard Wear stores. 

Business and Finance Academy students are required to take an introductory business course accredited by Buffalo State University. This course provides the opportunity to earn college credit while learning something they enjoy.

The Magic Market

The Magic Market is a food service open to the Mount Mercy Academy community. It provides a convenient option for breakfast to all students. The Market was created, opened, and is completely operated by students in the Business and Finance Academy. These students account for the money, order and cook the food, and advertise the business. The menu includes classic breakfast items such as yogurt, parfaits, bagels, hot chocolate, and coffee.

Patterned Fabrics

Wizard Wear

Wizard Wear is a retail store within the school that offers custom clothing, water bottles, and other items customized to promote school spirit. It is run entirely by students in the Academy. These students learn how to digitally design graphics, operate and use an actual Cricut to print their designs and market their products to the school community.

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