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About Mount Mercy Academy

College Preparatory High School

Welcome to Mount Mercy Academy where girls are transformed into successful young women, ready to pursue the opportunities which life offers. Mount Mercy has served the Western New York area for over 110 years as a distinctly Catholic college-preparatory school in the Mercy tradition. Rooted in gospel values and Catherine McAuley's unique vision for women and those who are poor, Mount Mercy affirms the uniqueness and dignity of individuals and fosters faith with a commitment to the challenges of building a just society. The Network of Mercy Education commends Mount Mercy Academy's outstanding sense of mission and service among the many Mercy schools throughout the country.

Our Mission

Mount Mercy Academy Mission Statement

A Mount Mercy Academy education, rooted in the Catholic faith and dedicated to cultivating the charism of Catherine McAuley and the Sisters of Mercy, empowers young women to influence the world through compassionate service, academic excellence, and diversified leadership.

Our Legacy

Our extensive science program and partnership with the SPCA, McGuire Group, and several college programs provide unique opportunities for hands-on experiences in the fields of health/science, clinical and research professions. Our fine arts program features award-winning music and art programs while our Women's Leadership Academy calls each student to step up to the  challenges of leadership within and outside of school. Each student develops a personal portfolio of leadership experiences in preparation for college and career.

Mercy women enjoy their time at school and continue as dedicated alumnae with lifelong friendships. Mercy alums proudly wear the Mercy ring, designed by the first principal and early graduates. The distinctive Mercy ring can be spotted around the country and even around the world, igniting immediate bonds among those who recognize it.


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Enrollment Process

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Tuition & Financial Aid

How We Help

 A message from our Head of School, Michele Melligan. 

Mercy Community,
Mount Mercy Academy  excited for yet another school year filled with new innovative modalities to education and inspiring ideas that will enhance  our Mercy education.   The “academies within the Academy” are thriving with new additions and programming that provide opportunities for students in a variety of fields including health and science, the arts, social sciences, business/finance and leadership. With flourishing partnerships with higher education institutions, local businesses, community organizations and professionals in a variety of careers, the young women of Mount Mercy are able to engage in internship opportunities with real-life, hands-on experiences with local professionals throughout Western New York.  
Our accelerated course outline continues to expand while providing students with ample opportunities to complete coursework of study at the collegiate level.  Project based learning has proven that students have found ways to problem solve and complete tasks with maintaining mastery of a rigorous curriculum while meeting the required NYSED standards.  
Mount Mercy Academy fosters leadership and service in our communities through projects that are geared toward contributing to a need in society.   Students continue to exemplify compassion for others following in the footsteps of Catherine McAuley and the Sisters of Mercy as women of service.   Mercy Education core values are at the heart of every student and it is evident through demonstrating empathy for others inspired by faith and a passion for learning.
We are confident that the year ahead will be successful with the intention of holding the highest of standards and  ability to execute the knowledge and skills to enhance our programs.    Mount Mercy Academy’s rigorous curriculum, expectations and high standards will continue to be a priority, and  we are confident that both our students, faculty and staff are ready for the challenges that are ahead!
May God bless you and your families,
 Michele Sixt Melligan '92

Support Mount Mercy Academy

The Impact of Our Donors

In upholding the Mount Mercy Academy tradition of serving students in greatest financial need, we keep our tuition as low as possible in order to serve families who frequently live at economic disadvantage. Many of Mount Mercy students receive financial assistance to help families to pay tuition and fees.
For the 2022-2023 academic year, our annual tuition of $13,650 covers a portion of the actual cost per student. Your contribution closes this gap and supports every Mercy girl.
Without our generous donors many Mount Mercy students could not afford the quality, Catholic education they deserve. The individuals, corporations, and foundations who support Mount Mercy Academy are making a good investment in not only our school, but also in our students, for whom an Mount Mercy Academy education offers the promise of unlimited opportunities as they navigate their path to higher education and beyond. 
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